Mckenzie Call

English 131, 04

Dr. Jane Lucas

26 February 2014

Annotated Bibliography

Technology is the future! Have you ever stopped to think about what technology really is? So far throughout experiencing college I have seen how there is a huge debate on whether technology is beneficial in all aspects of learning or not. Some professors are all for it and try to use it throughout the learning experiences of the students. However, some professors are the complete opposite and think it is degrading the learning experience. One subject that’s often been raised in the technology education debate is the use of texting and how it can create the use of bad grammar in writing along with the use of slang words and terms. When it comes to this subject, some professors should try to move along with the use of technology and simply teach the students how to use the technology correctly. The use of technology now can be very helpful, in fact some students learn better through the use of technology. For example, it may be more beneficial for someone to use technology to correct grammatical errors and figure it out for themselves with the help of technology.          From my college experience so far I can honestly say that if I didn’t know how to work any kind of technology at all I would have completely failed out by now. I think it is important however to be able to complete writing assignments on your own to fully understand and comprehend what you are writing. However, I believe that technology should be used as the main way of learning in the future. Technology is more engaging and entertaining to today’s generation.



Rob. “How Do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write?” MindShift. KQED Ink., July 2013. Web. 16 Feb. 2014.


Rob, one of the many authors in “How do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write”, he believes that technology is a way to make things “easier”. He believes that technology allows students to be able to slack off and not put as much effort into their work, especially writing. He has shown this can be true because spell check allows us to be careless and not worry about making mistakes, since most the time it tells users about any mistake made. On the other hand, Rob points out that technology also helps those who try learn from their mistakes. In the end most students will get out of it what they put into it.


Kirsten Spall “How Do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write?” MindShift. KQED Ink., July 2013. Web. 16 Feb. 2014.


                       In the same blog site, “How do Tech Tools Affect the Way Students Write” a different author, Kirsten Spall argues that the downfall of technology is because we need more practice using it. As said by Spall, “Why not use school as an opportunity to get messy and learn about fair use laws and creative commons?’ She pursues readers to agree with her point of view because technology is the way of the future and is something that needs to be learned by everyone. She informs the reader that in today’s world if you don’t know the basics of technology it is basically impossible to continue on from high school or even be successful in high school for that matter. Spall firmly believes that technology is the key to success in the future.


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           The Future of Writing was a design project commissioned by Microsoft Research Cambridge and the Microsoft Office team, in the summer of 2011, from the Royal College of Art in London. In this project five teams of design alumni from the college took a speculative approach to looking at the way in which authorship may change in the future. The result is five very diverse design ideas and directions, described using video, text, images and interactive prototypes” (Microsoft). Microsoft asserts that future assignments in classes are all going to have something more than just writing on the page. However, Microsoft is a must have for college because it is a requirement to graduate.